In 1975 Casas Parana was founded in Curitiba, sustainable city and capital of Parana State located in the south of Brazil. In the last 40 years the company covered elsewhere in the country and has offices in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, exported to over 20 countries worldwide.

Our company is pioneer in the manufacture of noble masive wood (as grapia, angelim, treated wood and autoclaved wood). Since 1975 providing quality of life and making dreams come true through prefabricated wooden houses designed to meet specifics needs of each person.

A different mounting system in which the vertical fittings provides numerous advantages such as fast assembly and finishing quality, indispensable to the quality of the houses.

To offer the market products with the highest national and international standards of environmental protection, the Casas Parana won certifications attesting to its environmental concern and the quality of our products.

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